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Standard Dehydrated White Onion

We have set-up the most modern and integrated dehydration facility in the midst of a large onion and vegetables growing area. We supply high quality seed to our growers and get onions and vegetables grown on contract. These are harvested at the peak of maturity, flavor and taste and quickly transported to our processing facility. Manual harvesting enables the growers to supply clean and high quality produce demanded by Farm Fresh.

These raw materials undergo quality inspection, careful sorting & dehydration ensuring maximum retention of flavour, aroma, colour & taste. Dehydrated flakes are then carefully milled into different fractions on our State-of-the-art milling facility ensuring strictest sanitation, food safety and hygienic conditions. During milling, the products undergo metal-detection at the last stage and are then packed in bag-in-box. These are then stored under lower temperature and humidity and are supplied to the customers throughout the world. Elaborate marking, labeling and recording systems have been evolved to ensure complete traceability. Our dehydration facility is the most modern and integrated facility in the world and has been accredited with ISO 9001 & HACCP certification from RWTUV, Germany.

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